Here Comes the Sun…

03Happy Summer Solstice to you all! I woke extra early and stepped outside to watch the sun rising and it was wonderful. The air was still cool and the birds were just beginning to sing. As I stood out there the sky began to lighten just a tiny bit, turning from near-black to deep grey to dusky blue and I found myself holding my breath for some reason. When I exhaled, it seemed that the sky grew even brighter just in those few seconds. I’ll admit that it felt like I was witnessing something spectacular.

I waited until the sun was above the horizon before I came back inside even though I felt drawn to remain out a while longer. But there are doctors to see, packages to ship, and cats that demand breakfast in voices loud enough to wake the neighbors. Even so, I’ll carry this beginning with me for the rest of the day.

04I have a lot going on during the remainder of the month. Tour de Sock registrations are continuing (I’m not involved in that aspect) and I’ve been getting some orders almost every day. I’ve got the Pretty & Dangerous Flowers to finish up and mail out as well as the Club yarns. And, of course, there is all the awesome knitting that I should finish before the Tour begins! Gollum Socks (pattern), Le Bon Mariage (project), Starting Point (pattern), and Summer’s Solace (pattern). Then, one of my favorite designers opened up a mystery knit-along named after one of my favorite flowers, Atropa Belladonna, and I couldn’t say no. Granted, I won’t likely get a chance to start that one until September or so, but it will be fun to watch everyone else’s progress.

02For the last several days I have been dyeing on the porch instead of inside. It’s been a good practice for the near future since it shows me what I need to have for the motor home. A good power source for the times I use the burner and pot, a sturdy table to hold the dyes & tools, an absorbent rug for the times that I drip (yes, I could let it drip on the ground, but it is acidic and I don’t want to damage the natural plant life any more than necessary), and several other things that will make it a little easier while I’m out there. I’ve enjoyed the chance to be outdoors even though it’s been pretty hot out there. I learned quickly that I need to leave my glasses indoors because they steam up and I can’t see the yarn. I also learned that the tops of my feet will burn if I’m not careful. All in all, it’s been a fun experience.

I’ll be heading to my final follow-up appointment soon and will be playing with more colors when I get back. I hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with things that make you smile.


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