Excitement and changes

100_0280Happy Tuesday! Some of you might have noticed that the shop looks a little empty right now. I removed all the “dye to order” listings in preparation for some upcoming events. It’s looking like I will be able to buy a motor home before the end of July. Once I do that, however, I’ll be spending most of my energy taking care of any repairs it will need, removing the furniture, and getting the cats settled into it. I’m not sure how long these things will take simply because I’m not even sure which RV I’m getting just yet.

However, I’ll be taking the rest of the blank yarn and fiber that I have in stock and will be dyeing them with whatever colors call to me and I’ll get them into the shop as soon as I am able. This part will be fun since I’ll pretty much be adding a dash of this color and a smidgen of that color. I can’t wait to show you what I come up with.

There are tentative plans in the works for a special package to celebrate the beginning of the Sparkles & Sunshine tour. What is the tour? A while ago (two years, to be precise) I was talking about the challenges of living on the road while dyeing yarn and one of the women in the Ravelry group I’m in took my own words about how it won’t be all sparkles and sunshine and suggested that it be the name of my first “tour” across the country. Well, she had a brilliant idea and it’s getting closer and closer to reality. I’ve already been making lists of items that will be included in this charter package and, as soon as I get a few more of the details figured out, I’ll share it all with you guys.

I hope that you all have a glorious week!


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