Dyeing in the woods

I’ve been on the road for an entire week and the number of mistakes I’ve made is absolutely insane. That might seem like hyperbole, but it’s the truth. Between forgetting to secure things inside the RV to keep them from bouncing around or falling over, not checking the water lines when I turn the water pump on (and dumping a gallon of clean water on the ground), and dumping at least another gallon of water under the sink because I didn’t connect the hoses properly to the water filter, I’m ready to pull my hair out. What an incredible mess!

But, it’s all a learning curve, or so I keep telling myself. After all, I’ve never done this before and I know that I do have a lot more mistakes ahead of me. And, unlike Bilbo Baggins, I do have my handkerchief. Let’s just hope that there are no dragons in this tale. At least, not the kind that can torch me.

Ah, but the good stuff! The clear mountain air, the sounds of crickets as I fall asleep, and even the drastic changes in weather. A couple nights ago, the cats and I woke to the sound of a coyote chorus and we lay there until it was over. Last night, i watched a rabbit hop out into the open and eat just outside my window.

As I settle into this lifestyle, I have more and more ideas to share with you all. Today, it’s the Journey Box that I’ve mentioned before.

My idea is this; every 2 months you will receive a box of treasures from the places that I’ve visited. Perhaps a wee bottle of sand from Sandusky Bay, or a decorated pine cone from somewhere in the southern Ohio woods. Who knows what trinkets might make their way in there? And, of course, there will be yarn! The first box will include a variety (your choice) of bases dyed in a colorway that is extra special to me – my RV! Now, before you turn up your nose at the thought of the plain beige & brown palette that so many RVs built in the 80s came in, keep in mind that I painted the interior before I moved in. Think cool breezes and mountain lakes with a hint of distant storm clouds. Each box will also contain a pattern designed by me! Well, it will include a coupon for you to get the pattern for free since everyone has a different way of printing off their patterns. I will do my best to make each box extra special. Check out the listings in the shop for more details.

In the meantime, here is what my day looked like before the water fiasco – 02

It was so much fun to dye outdoors on my little rocket stove! Of course, I had to learn how to keep it hot, but I’ve gotten better and will continue to do so.

For now, I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I applaud your courage and sense of adventure in pursuing this new adventure! They don’t call it a ‘shakedown’ cruise for nothing!! I can imagine I would have a similar learning curve but more likely mine would be even steeper. Work out the kinks and enjoy the journey! It sounds like that is exactly what you are doing.

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