Learning steps

Whew! There is a lot to learn about dyeing out in nature, that’s for sure. Gather the wood ahead of time and keep it dry, make sure the water is ready to be used (filling up the pot is not as simple as turning on the faucet anymore), check the weather to make sure there won’t be rain that can cause the fire to go out, and get the rocket stove nice & hot before putting the pot on top of it. Oh, and don’t forget that you need to add wood every so often so that it stays nice & hot for the dye to set.

Even with all of that, I have to tell you guys, dyeing while I listen to the blue jays chattering at each other and the wind whispering through the pines is an amazing experience. And, I love that I get to share that with you!

This week’s dyeing will be for the Fantasia group on Ravelry (you should check it out!) as well as some of the skeins for the first ever Journey Boxes.

I was inspired to dye up these bumps of roving and will be getting them into the shop tomorrow (I still haven’t had dinner tonight) and I can tell you that they were dyed while crows were calling to each other up the hill and would fly over occasionally and a Great Blue Heron landed at the little pond nearby (I will admit that I stopped long enough to get a few pictures).  So, they are nice and full of Nature’s energy.



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