PrintThere are so many things to tell you! I’m not even sure where to start. Where I left off? Hmm… I’ll try.

After I left my last campsite, I headed southward. I stayed in St. Alban’s Roadside Park for a couple nights then went to Stony Fork Campground for a couple nights. During those stays, the only work I did was to get as many orders packaged and mailed out. When I left Stony Fork I had planned to stay in the Pisgah National Forest for a week or so while I waited for a friend to return from Australia and get settle back home. However, that did not happen. While there is free camping in the forest, there aren’t any safe places for me to park my RV, even as small as it is. On my way back down the mountain road I’d taken, my brakes stopped working. I’ll admit that I’d never been so frightened in all of my life, but I did make it down the mountain in one piece. Once I reached flat ground, I pulled into a church parking lot and called the insurance company. They came out the next morning to tow me to my friend’s house. It turns out that brake fluid can become watery over time and will evaporate when overheated (or so I was told).  I decided to park for the winter at her house and I’m so very glad that I did! There is an amazing amount of history in this area (north of Asheville, NC) as well as an incredible amount of beauty.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to get the first Journey Box completed and mailed out, published the first pattern – Transitions, started the next shawl – It’s a Mystery, and have been planning out the next Box in the series – Winter’s Adventure, and even started my Patreon page. Oh, and I listed the Final Frontier for January (which will be mailed out soon!). I have been learning a lot about keeping warm in a home that’s not really meant to be a home (it’s not rated for winter use) as well as how to utilize the small spaces a little more efficiently. By the time I settle into a tiny home on land, I should have all this figured out.

The cats seem pretty happy that we’re not driving around right now, but I’m beginning to think that this RV isn’t quite big enough for the two younger ones. Khaleesi and Ofelia love to run back & forth through the rooms and the cab area while Serephina seems content to lay near the windows and watch the scenery outside.

For the time being, I think it’s nice to be able to focus on designs, dyeing, and getting things more organized without the need to pack everything away each week to drive to a new location. There are more knitting designs coming up (the next sock pattern will be released at the end of January), more pretty colors coming from the pot, and more adventures to be had.

Happy January, everyone!


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