A Wild Path

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are things in your corners of the world? It’s warming up a little over here in western North Carolina and I am so grateful for that! Warmer weather means that I can open my curtains during the days, sleep without worrying about getting up to run the propane heater, and even get outside more. Another bonus is that there are flowers already beginning to bloom. A little early, I’m told, but I’ll take joy however it happens.

IMG_1496I have finished up the newest sock pattern A Wild Path. I’m excited about this one since it was inspired by some of my childhood memories. It will be on sale for $1.25 until February 25. I’m hoping to have some matching scarves up soon, too and those who have already purchased the socks will get a discount when the scarves are ready (and vice versa for those who buy the scarves and later want the socks). Wouldn’t it be fun to have matching items? I think so.

In the meantime, I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Section Four of It’s a Mystery. If you haven’t joined in the “sort of KAL” feel free to come play with us! The pattern is currently free so you have nothing to lose. I also have another sock in the works, and am hoping to be able to announce some news about it soon.

In the meantime, may your journey be filled with beautiful things!


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