Spring Visits

IMG_1911Oh, what a bumpy ride this month has been! But it’s been a lot of fun, too.

Dyeing yarn has been slowly, but surely, getting back on track. January’s and February’s packages were significantly late and March’s is a little late, but they’ve been getting out the door. I cannot tell you all how very much I appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

Patterns are also coming along nicely! I finished up a secret pattern that will be announced later this year and I do wish that I could tell you more about it… but it really turned out better than I expected! Also completed this month is A Circular Path (formerly “It’s a Mystery”). And, just barely in the nick of time, Spring Visits. It will be on sale for $1.50 until April 7th (you’ll need to use the “add to cart” option to see the sale) and is a fairly simple, cabled design.

As the days grow longer and the night stay warmer, I’m happy to say that I feel that I actually made it through winter. Changes are always on the horizon, but it feels good to know that this old RV can handle temperatures in the single digits. Not that I want to do it again, mind you, but it’s good to know.

Happy spring to you all! May your path be filled with blossoms.


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