Spring Garden

As we near the end of May I can’t help but to feel a bit wistful for the spring weather that I didn’t really get enough of. You know, cool temperatures at night, warm-but-not-hot temperatures during the day. Instead, we’re over 80° each day in northern Ohio and I know it’s even hotter in other parts of the country.

IMG_2334Still, I knew that these socks needed to be made. Spring Garden is sweet blend of lace and simple cables that are fairly easy to memorize and would make a great traveling project.

The pattern is only $1.50 until June 2 (please use the “add to cart option” to see the correct price).

IMG_2330I also had some fun this week with the dye pot! I played around with some long-nosed squeeze bottles and a cone of yarn and ended up with a cool way to make speckles! They’ve been added to the shop already and would probably make some great shawls and scarves. I am hoping to make a simple shawlette with my skein. How about you?

Please keep in mind that Etsy has a different way of processing their coupons now so, if you have a coupon code that you are sure should be working and it’s not giving you a discount, please let me know and I’ll get it fixed right away.

May you all have a blessed week ahead!



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