Whew! It’s pretty warm around here lately. Possibly where you are, too. Our spring was beautiful! I was able to keep my windows open all the time, I’d sit out in the back yard listening to the birds, and there was just enough of a chill in the mornings that a tank top wasn’t a great idea. I think it lasted a whole two weeks. Then, summer decided that it was her turn and she stepped in with ferocity. High temperatures, high humidity, and a blazing sun above. It was then that I discovered that this house has minimum insulation in the walls (if any) and zero insulation in the ceiling and roof. The attic traps the heat during the day and radiates it into the living space during the night. It would be fabulous in the winter.

IMG_2687Even so, I was able to finish up As The Rain Falls shawl. It’s light and airy and an easy project to take with you to your back yard, the beach, or wherever you happen to be traveling. Or, if you’re like me, sitting in front of a fan while sipping a cool tea. It’s on sale until July 7 for $1.50 (please use the “add to cart” option to see the sale price).

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned Tour de Sock a time or two. Registration is closing on July 5 so that Sarah can get all the invoices sent out before the games begin. Even if you’re not going to race, it’s a great price for so many sock patterns and, even more important, it’s a wonderful way to raise some money for Doctors Without Borders.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful season so far! May your sunshine be mild, and your evening breezes be refreshing.


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