Lots going on…

Happy Summer! Well, it’s almost here, right? There have been more sunny days up here and I am so tickled by that. My creativity has been growing by leaps & bounds and I’ve got some wonderful things heading your way.


First up, Rainbow mini-skein sets are in the shop! I miss those, don’t you? These are 100 yards for each of the colors and 200 yards for the charcoal (total of 800 yards). This month, Starbucks is matching donations sent to Born This Way Foundation and $10 for each set sold will be sent to B.T.W. so that we can really make our donations help. Now is the time to show off our support of love in all its glory.

Next up will be a fabulous sock pattern called Tiny Blooms. We’re crunching the time a little with this one as the testers send their suggestions, but all will be ready for release on June 21.

Last, but far from least, my baby girl (who isn’t such a baby anymore) is preparing for the newest member of the family! Tamara Rae is due to enter this world on July 13th, but we’re all predicting an earlier birth. Mama & Papa are preparing the room and setting up the crib, shelves, baby clothes and so much more. I have to tell you guys, I’m over the moon about becoming a Nana for the first time. Uncle Tony (y’all know him as Anthony) is also super excited that his little sister is about to become a Mama. Even Lyra, Brianna’s elderly kitty, is showing signs of nurturing and love toward Brianna’s belly-baby.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful time in the early part of summer. I’m sending love to you all.


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