October? December?

What’s this? Two posts in one month? I must be up to something, right? Yes, I am!

In October you will see the release of a special shawl with beads and eyelets that is already making me wish that I was keeping the sample. But, it will be going to a special person in Oklahoma when it’s finished and photographed, just in time to keep her warm on the cool, autumn evenings. During the first week after the pattern’s release, there will be a coupon code to use in the shop for specially dyed skeins that would look great paired up with this shawl.

In December we will have a little fun in the midst of the holiday hustle & bustle with a crescent shawl MKAL. I will be posting some special kits for this one, as well as a coupon code that will be available at the beginning of December so that you can get your kits before the MKAL begins (international orders might take a wee bit longer, especially before the holidays). The kits will include one full-sized skein to use for the background color and 5 mini-skeins in gradients to be used for the lace insets. I can’t wait to show you some of the kits! Right now, many of them are in the washing/rinsing process and won’t be dry for a few days. Watch on Instagram and Facebook for some pictures next week.

Ofelia is happy for naps.

Now, a few personal notes… on August 10, we discovered that Bear (my son’s cat) had crystals in his bladder and a blockage in his urethra. Luckily, we caught it early enough to avoid surgery. They had to keep him over the weekend, though, in order to drain his bladder and remove the crystals. Now he’s on a special diet for a month, then another special diet for the remainder of his life. Since he’s only two years old, that should be a long time. Even so, Anthony is willing to spend the extra money on the food that Bear needs. On the 11th, Brianna (my daughter) ended up in the ER for stomach pain and we found out that she also had a blockage in her gallbladder and that her liver was inflamed because of it. After a procedure to un-block her, they waited until her liver looked normal again and removed her gallbladder. She didn’t get to come home until Thursday the 15th. All in all, it was a heck of a week. All of this has made me realize just how important it is to take care of yourself. If it weren’t for the daily naps, I’m not sure how I’d have handled all the running around and hectic-ness.

Now that things are smoothing back down, though, I think it’s time for a sale! All ready-to-ship items will be at 15% off until August 29th. Please use the coupon code Quietness to see the discount in your shopping cart.


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