Prepping for next year…

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As I get closer to the end of Year of Meditations, I’m already looking toward the coming year and planning for the variety of patterns. Will I go with gardens? Fantasy worlds? Or nature? All of these are strongly appealing to me and therein my dilemma lies. I’ve already got several charts ready to be worked up and just need to make the decision for which ones will be shared with you all.

Year of Meditations has been incredibly healing for me. As I planned out each chart to be interesting yet simple, as I researched more about the animals I had chosen for each Chakra, as I tried out the recipes I shared, I thought about peace and healing and finding joy in my current life. My sincere hope is that others were able to enjoy the meditations and stories, too. And, of course, finish the year with a nice stack of socks or scarves.

On a personal note, I’ve been working through a lot of the situations I went through over the years. Most of them were pushed down into that small, dark hole where we drop things that we’d rather not think about. Only some of those things caused pain and it’s better to lance those wounds and let them heal cleanly instead of leaving them to fester and cause bitterness. It’s not been an easy road and some days I sit in anger at the other person, at myself for allowing things to continue for so long, and even at how I pushed the feelings down. I’m also learning to look at the world in a different light. I’m learning to have even more compassion and empathy so that I no longer turn away from those in need. When we know better, we can do better.

Why am I telling you this? So that you can know, if you’re going through something similar, that your not alone. And, so that you can see that we’re all human and make mistakes and go through struggles.

Back to knitting… Yule is a long way off and just around the corner. I’m hoping to have the next ebook listed by then and I do hope that you join in the fun of knitting with me.

May your summer end on a sweet note.


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