Half a century

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Some of you might have seen this in the newsletter and will notice that the words are almost the same. For the rest of you…

Can you believe that I’m almost 50 years old? I’m shaking my head at the variety of feelings coming from all of this. In just under 2 weeks I will reach a point of breathing on my own for half a century! I was 2 weeks late, according to my mother, but I believe I was born exactly when I was supposed to be. She once told me about the day she went into labor and didn’t realize it. Her back ached and she was cranky. My Aunt H sat her down to do her hair and, after some more cranky comments, told her that she was in labor. I actually still have the calendar page from that month & year where my mother circled my day of arrival.

As time passes, a person does some soul-searching and makes decisions and choices based on the information they have at the time. I’ve done that lots of times and, sometimes, I look back and know that I did something amazing. Other times, not so much. All in all, though, I am at peace with most of my choices. One of my best choices was to start selling yarn. I have met so many amazing people over the years and have shared laughter, tears, outrage, and triumph. My heart is blessed to know them all.

And now, the business part – what to do to celebrate this momentous event? I’m clearing out shelves and having a SABLE sale. And you get the benefit of it! I’ll post a few pictures of what’s coming up and you can choose a grab-bag of squishy goodies. Some of these are past Club yarns, some are yarns that have been discontinued. All of them hold some place in my heart, but I have to look clearly ahead and these won’t get used in my lifetime if I hold onto them. It would be better for other folks to turn them into socks and baby sweaters and shawls.

  • Here’s the catch – I don’t have labels on most of them, though I do know what they are. Instead of printing off new labels, though, I’ll write a note on the card that I enclose with your order.
  • Here’s the special – These skeins will be 30% off their normal price. This would be a great time to stock up for holiday crafting or to send yarns to a special friend (I’ll include a handwritten card for any that are bought as a gift).
  • The sale will officially start on Monday in the Shop and will continue until all skeins are gone or until my birthday, whichever comes first. No coupon will be needed.


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