Reaching into Simplicity…

Belladonna flowers in the grass.

Oh, my dear ones, there is so very much going on around here and I’m not sure where to start. Deep breaths, everyone, and I’ll tell you… I’ve closed the dyeing portion of my shop. This decision came after crunching numbers in every way possible and seeing that there was simply no way to continue that part of my path. I won’t go into a lot of details, but by the end of August I’d had less than $200 in sales after spending well over $1k in supplies and equipment.

This might seem like a simple choice, but it still hurts my heart, even after sitting with it for over a month. Some of the folks I’ve met through my yarn sales are the most incredible people. I’ve shared shawl-hugs, funeral flowers, socks for loved ones, hats for babies, and so much more. I’ve shared in secret gifts for remembering pets, anonymous club packages, and special birthday presents. Through the last eleven years, you have seen my kids grow up, shared in my joy of Nana-hood, and even sent comfort when I lost my favorite feline friend. You’ve been with me as I moved from Ohio to North Carolina, back to Ohio, into an RV, and to Oregon. You’ve shared coffee, knitting, and days at the park/book shop with me. I’ve watched your little ones grow up and face the world on their own terms. I’ve watched from afar as smoke filled your skies, storms pounded your roofs, and snow piled up taller than you. I’ve raged along with you as monsters took over the countries. I’ve cried as champions for women’s and civil rights passed away within months of each other. We’ve shared grief as our princess-turned-general became one with The Force. And so very much more.

I’m not disappearing altogether. I’ll still be working on knitting patterns throughout the year. And, diving back to the root of my personal healing, I’ve been making herbal salves again. And, as long as everything goes well, I’ll be bringing back the lotion bars, too. For the moment, I’m focusing on the bonus/final pattern for the Year of Meditation Socks & Scarves. As soon as that’s ready, I’ll be starting in on next year’s theme. I’m still undecided, but something woodland comes to mind.

Where will the Path take me now? I am not honestly sure. I’ve been trying to look at this change as my next adventure, but it feels a lot more like I’m leaping off a crumbling cliff into a maelstrom of emptiness. I will do my best to keep you all updated as much as I can.


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