Central Ohio

What a hectic and chaotic mess winter was! I’ll skip all the details, but the bottom line is that I’m now living in an upper apartment in Barberton, Ohio. Some of the details of my life are in Morrigan’s Nest.

For now, I wanted to give a heads-up on what’s going on over here. The Etsy shop is now closed due to the fees and such that have been increasing steadily over the years. I can’t justify losing over 25% of my sales to a company that no longer cares about the people who built it up to such a great thing. Will I still shop there? Of course! There are still lots of creators over there who need the income. I just won’t be selling there.

I still have all my patterns on Ravelry and just added loads of them to my new-ish Payhip site, Cauldron’s Path Designs. As soon as I get a little more of the ins & outs of the site figured out, I’ll add salves and lotion bars.

What’s on my needles?
1. I’ve been working on a blanket for myself that incorporates lots of stranded knitting panels from worlds that I love. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Kushiel’s Legacy. Also included are various nature designs such as Foxy, Thistles, and Alaska Sweater. This blanket will be assembled in a crazy-quilt manner with the panels being all different sizes with “plain” panels filling in the gaps. And, by “plain”, I mean that the panels are still stranded, but I’m using a checkerboard design so that the colors are still highlighted, but I’m not detracting from the other panels.
2. Path of Ferns socks! These are a lovely pair of socks with a fern design that I’ve been working on. If all goes well, they will be released in June. They are the first of a series of forest flora that I have planned. My notes and rough sketches are near at hand so that I can continue adding a note or two to them.
3. Not on the needles yet are 2 shawls. One is a crescent, short-row with panels of color added that was heavily inspired by the clouds playing peek-a-boo with the moon. I’m hoping to get this one started in the next few days and will call for testers soon afterward. The other shawl is also still in the planning stage and will be a simple, asymmetrical triangle with a variety of stitches that you can mix & match… I hope.
4. Rugs and more rugs. These aren’t going to be my own designs, instead they’ll be base on the log cabin blankets and the Seams So Easy blanket. I’ll be mixing feltable wool with some of the Lion’s Brand Mandala cakes to bring a bit of sturdiness and color. Yes, I do know that acrylic doesn’t felt, but when you hold the two strands together, the wool felts into/around the acrylic and ends up being a fun way to create a rug. I currently have 2 squares in my kitchen for when I’m washing dishes and cooking.
5. Also in the planning stage is a sweater. I enjoyed working my Vixen set into a pullover and am thinking about how it might work into a cardigan instead. This, however, won’t be on the needles until winter.

What are you working on lately?

Blanket panel

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