Shifting Seasons

Half-gallon jar of fire cider incredients
My first fire cider

Happy Monday! It’s a full moon and Autumn is certainly making herself known around here. With the chilly temperatures and most of the trees changing colors, it’s been an interesting shift for me. This will be my first autumn in this part of Ohio (well, since I first moved here, but I don’t really count that one since it was a bit dreadful). Each day I notice that the tree across the street has just a bit more vibrance to it as the reds & oranges slowly travel from the crown to the lower branches. More leaves are piling up on my porches and I can hear the acorns plop onto the roof and decks. The squirrels and chipmunks are scurrying around each day gathering (and planting) more and more.

It’s fun to watch the squirrels play, too. At least, I assume that’s what they’re doing. Chasing each other up and around the trunks, wrestling on the slopes, and darting across the retaining walls as the leaves fall around them. The chipmunks are more elusive and I see them only long enough to identify them as they rush from one part of the yard to another. Even that makes me smile, though.

I have lots of new plants in the yard now, thanks to G & P sending me a gift card to one of the local garden centers. Two varieties of mountain hydrangeas, ferns, lavender, and one lilac that had extra plants in the pot. I’ve already harvested some of the lavender and made my first lavender wand that now sits on my desk and will be making more small things over time. I even dried my first hydrangea corymb and it now sits on my shelf to remind me of summer’s blossoms.

And, of course, it’s the time to prepare for the seasonal colds and illnesses. Many folks already prepared their jars of fire cider and are now getting ready to strain them into clean bottles for a boost to their systems as the weather begins to cool. Me? I’m late. But that’s okay, too. With the sun in Libra and standing opposite the Moon in Aries, it should help with resolutions in the face of ongoing confrontation and emotional challenges.

You might be asking what that has to do with fire cider. Well, the way I see it, the winter illnesses are ongoing confrontations and definitely create emotional challenges. So, my hope is that my fire cider is charged and ready to battle with the colds & flus of the season. And, maybe even help a little with covid symptoms.

On October 31 I’ll be releasing the Soul Star patterns that were the bonus for all who purchased the whole Year of Meditation sets last year. I love how intricate and challenging this one is since it reminds me that we need to do the work for our own spirits as we also do the work for others. It’s not easy, that work. But the results are far reaching.

May your season be filled with beauty and color.


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